From the Song of Songs, part II 

Composed in: 1992
Instrumentation: Mezzo-soprano, Piano
Vocal Range: B3-G5
Commissioned by: Randy Smith
for the Victoria Fringe Theater Festival
Publisher: C. Swigart Music

Program Notes

My love affair with Marcia Falk's beautiful translation of The Song of Songs began in 1979, when I set Turning to him, who meets me with desire… for my friends, Delcina Stevenson, soprano, and Tania Agins, piano.  In 1988, I set an additional three of the poems for a UCLA’s Design for Sharing event, at which the whole set of four songs was premiered by Dale Wendel Franzen and Gray Gray.  I wrote an additional set of four songs for mezzo-soprano and piano in 1992 for a Victoria Fringe Festival stage piece by Randy Smith, for which all eight songs were performed.