Concerto for Organ and Orchestra 

Composed in: 1997
Instrumentation: Organ, Orchestra
Premiered by: Thomas Harmon, organ
First Methodist Church of Santa Monica
James Smith, conductor
Publisher: C. Swigart Music

Program Notes

As its tempo marking—Adagio doloroso—suggests, the first movement begins in a melancholy manner.  Within this setting, the organ seems to seek a lighter world, yet each move in that direction is met by a return to the original sadness.  Eventually, the organ gives in to hopelessness, only to be greeted by a new consoling voice, one which seems to offer hope and, finally, triumph.  The second movement throws off all of the emotional heaviness of the first movement in a vivacious and lyrical dance.

The Concerto was written especially for organist Thomas Harmon, who had asked me for years to write an organ concerto.  It was commissioned by First United Methodist Church of Santa Monica and was premiered there in June of 1997, conducted by James Smith and with Thomas Harmon as soloist.