From One Who Stays

six songs on grief and love 

Composed in: 1992
Instrumentation: Medium-low Voice, Flute, Piano
Vocal Range: Ab3-G5
Commissioned by: Dr. Paul & Dorothy Carlson
in loving memory of Charlie Swigart
for Pacific Serenades
Premiered by: Paula Rasmussen, mezzo-soprano
Mark Carlson, flute
David Speltz, cello
Antoinette Perry, piano
(Songs 1 & 6)

Ricky Weiner Gole, mezzo-soprano
Mark Carlson, flute
Ronald Leonard, cello
Antoinette Perry, piano
Publisher: Pacific Serenades

Program Notes

It is an old, unresolved argument: does an artistic work reflect the artist's emotional state at the time of its creation? In the case of my song cycle, From One Who Stays, there is no doubt—the work is autobiographical and was composed in the midst of the very emotional events it describes. On October 17, 1990 my closest friend and life-companion of nineteen years, Charlie Swigart, died of malignant melanoma. The pain of losing him is of an intensity that I would never have imagined possible, and the healing of that pain I now recognize to be a life-long process. One step toward that healing was the composition of these songs. The first and last of them were written in 1991 for a Pacific Serenades concert, and at that time I was emotionally unable to do more. The cycle was completed a year later. From One Who Stays was commissioned for Pacific Serenades by my parents, Paul and Dorothy Carlson—for whom Charlie was a son—in his memory.


Kathleen Roland, mezzo-soprano Mark Carlson, flute David Speltz, cello Joanne Pearce Martin, piano