Composed in: 1994
Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Cello, Piano
Commissioned by: Jack & Florence Irving
for Pacific Serenades
Premiered by: Mark Carlson, flute
Gary Gray, clarinet/bass clarinet
David Speltz, cello
Ayke Agus, piano
Publisher: Pacific Serenades

Program Notes

My Quartet, written in 1994 and premiered that year by Pacific Serenades, is among a number of pieces of mine which follow a pattern of moving from emotional darkness towards light. The first movement, Haunted, though full of rather mocking whimsy, is agitated and practically in perpetual motion, suggesting a feeling of being pursued by something at once inviting and troubling. In Alone , the slow second movement, melodies appear and disappear among dark, eerie chords. The third movement, Future Perfect, is a waltz, which offers a sense of peace, of healing. The final movement, Mirthful, mirroring the nearly perpetual motion of the first, is joyful and celebratory. The work was commissioned for Pacific Serenades by Jack and Florence Irving.

From The Hall of Mirrors CD
Mark Carlson, flute
Gary Gray, clarinet & bass clarinet
David Speltz, cello
Ayke Agus, piano