Prayer for Peace 

Composed in: 2008
Instrumentation: Horns (8)
Publisher: Solid Wood Music

Program Notes

Prayer for Peace is based on a melody from the third movement of my viola and piano sonata, On the Coming of War. That movement is called Invocation No. 2: Prayer of Supplication, and it begins with a sorrowful song, as if to implore the gods to put an end to war. Ending mournfully, it is answered with another song, a sort of lullaby offering comfort and, perhaps, hope, and it is this melody that is the source of Prayer for Peace. I played the viola and piano piece for a theory class, one which had at least three horn players in it, and they were so taken by the third movement that they asked me to play it again and even suggested that I turn it into a piece for horn. I did! The piece was premiered by members of the horn studio at UCLA in 2008.